Motor Vehicle Accident

What do I do if I am injured in a Car Accident?

First, call your insurance broker or your insurance company to let them know you have been injured and require treatment for your injuries.

Do I have to go see my Family Doctor first?

No. You do not need a referral from your family doctor to have treatment for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. You can go directly to a Chiropractic clinic for treatment. It is important to begin treatment immediately. This will usually shorten the amount of time you need to be treated. Leaving an injury untreated can make it more difficult to treat later and your insurance company may be reluctant to pay for the treatment if you wait too long.

How do I choose a clinic?

Choosing a clinic is like anything else you look for. Ask people you know if they know a good clinic or doctor. It is imperative that you find a Chiropractor who has experience treating these types of injuries and has licensed staff members to help him.

How do I know if it’s a good clinic?

Call the clinic and ask questions.

  1. Does the staff speak your language?
  2. Will the Chiropractor perform all the treatment? Will I see the Chiropractor every time I come for treatment? You do not want to be treated by non-licensed assistants.
  3. Will I receive massage therapy from a "Registered Massage Therapist"? Massage should be given about once a week during your treatment in addition to the treatment you receive from the Chiropractor. You want to be sure that the massage therapist is licensed in the province of Ontario.
  4. Will someone show me how to exercise and stretch during my treatment? One of the most important things about recovering from an injury and preventing chronic pain is to exercise the involved musculature. You need to become stronger and more flexible if you want to fully recover form your injuries.
  5. Will they help me with all the paperwork from the insurance company following the accident? Dr. Kim and his administrative staff help with all the paperwork involved for no fee or commission.

Be careful if anyone tells you that you must go to a certain clinic. It is your decision where to be treated following a motor vehicle accident. Be weary of tow truck operators, paralegals and "accident specialists" who try to force you to go to a specific clinic.

Dr. Calvin Kim performs all the Chiropractic treatment and will see the patient on every visit. He does not allow his assistants or non-licensed staff to treat patients. All his massage therapists are "Registered massage therapists" in the province of Ontario. All the staff have extensive experience in treating car accident injuries.

Dr. Kim and his administrative staff will also help you with all the paperwork involved when having to be treated for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. They will also help you to apply for any benefits you may be entitled to due to your injuries (housekeeping, childcare, income replacement, attendant care). Dr. Kim takes no commission or payment for this service to his patients. He knows that this paperwork can be hard to understand and overwhelming, especially when one is suffering from injuries.